Arachne can access to USB devices via DOS USB DRIVERS.You can add a picture from a digital camera via USB like attachment at your E-mail. Or you can use a USB memory stick like RAM DRIVE for your Arachne TEMP directory.Read carefuly this page for know how..

They are more type of usb device.But, they are not a universal usb driver dos. Some devices working well with a driver, and don't work with another. For permit the use of driver, you can load it BEFORE start Arachne. (this rule is valid for most of dos application using USB port). For loading the driver you can modify your CONFIG.SYS with a command line like this:
Most drivers starting a "Pop-Up window", for inform of the presence of a device connected at USB port, then assign to device a drive letter(i.e. F:)

IMPORTANT NOTE:Some drivers like DUSE permitt to remove and reconnect the USB DEVICE without reload the CONFIG.SYS. Other type of driver DON'T permitt this! Read instructions of driver : you can cause SYSTEM CRASHED!. If you have successfully loaded the driver , starting Arachne and go to DESKTOP.Choice YOUR COMPUTER : you can view the list of accesible drivers. One of this it's your USB device.Click over the USB drive icon, and operate like a standard drive.You can use also the Dos commands in USB drive if you choice to shell-out with CTRL-E.The operation 'like add a file in a mail, it's the same you use for a floppy or hard disk.If you set your TEMP file in a USB memory stick , you can save money (the price it's less of ram modules of PC for make a BIG ramdrive).

HOW TO OBTAIN DOS USB DRIVERS? Well, Internet it's the best source.From a Search engine like GOOGLE, make a search with this key world:
DUSE ,MOTTO HAIRU,DOSUHCI,IOMEGA DOS USB DRIVERS ,USBASPI.SYS Download the files, unpack and read the instruction carefully. Then try to access to your USB device.Dont't worry if a drivers don't work at first time , try all the version with the possible command. The device producers DON'T SUPPORT THE USE ON DOS ! Don't waste your time to mailing ..Referred to DOS users groups for HELP.


Last modify 10/07/06